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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure quality and how are you different from other lead providers?

The key differentiator at Ask.Law is that we generate all of our own traffic internally on our own properties, giving us ultimate control over how exactly the leads are generated. Most legal lead providers use third party affiliates to generate the leads they hand to you, which creates quality issues.

What areas and fields of law do you service?

We generate leads in almost every consumer law category and we operate nationwide across the US.

What do you mean by exclusive and real time?

A lot of lead providers sell the same lead multiple times to multiple buyers. Not us. When we sell a lead exclusively, it means it only goes to you and is not resold. When we say 'real-time' it means the person looking for legal help has just recently signed up to one of our properties, this is the time their intent is highest and therefore will be most responsive.

How do you filter your leads to ensure I get the right kind of leads?

Each of our leads contain detailed, long form information about the enquiry (we usually ask 5-10 questions) as well as a detailed comments section. You have the control to bid only on leads that answer the questions in the way that matches your criteria.

How much will it cost to test?

There are no minimum amounts. You are free to test with any budget that you are comfortable with.

Example site in our network...


California, Personal Injury & Auto Accident is a property owned by the Ask.Law group and is used to generate PI and Auto Accident leads in California.

Practice Areas: Car Accidents, Dog Bite Accidents, ​​Slip and Fall Accidents, Share Ride Accidents (Uber/Lyft), and​ Medical Malpractice.

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It literally takes minutes to get setup with us. There's no minimum budget or lock in contracts.

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Let us take care of the marketing. By working with us on a pay per lead basis, we reduce your financial risk associate with marketing expenses and free up the time to focus on what you do best.